Waiting for the right time is the best example of wasting time

Waiting for the right time is the best example of wasting time (2).png

If you are an engineer, you know lean lesson one tells us to remove waiting time in any process.

If you are an investor, you know a dollar today is more than a dollar tomorrow and how compounding effect does magic.

If you remember your national service days,  you know how we rush to wait and wait to rush like time is of no value.

If you have a crush on someone, you know how painful it will be when you are 25 minutes too late.

If you are applying for HDB BTO, you know how frustrating it is to receive lousy ballot outcome for six consequent times.

If you are still waiting for ABSD to be lifted, you could be banging your head to the wall when it becomes the norm.

If you are someone who cannot appreciate and value time because of your firm confirming bias trapping your mind in delusion, maybe it’s time to stop waiting for the right time.

The truth is you will never be totally ready.

Alright, let’s get going!


So You Are Still Hoping For The Property Market To Go Down By Another 10%. Do You Know What It Takes?

Still hoping for property market to decline by another 10% -

With the eight rounds of cooling measures, the property market has retraced southward by 10% and showing signs of a bottom. If you are still hoping for it to go south by another 10% or even to 2009Q2 level, do you know what sort of events can cause it to happen?

Here are some hypothetical events that are essential to make that happen.

  • New cooling measure adding on top to the existing 8 cooling measures
  • Direct foreign investment withdrew – more companies leaving Singapore for another country, severe oversupply of properties to let
  • Singapore unemployment rises to double digit – more people unable to repay their mortgage
  • Fewer developers bidding for Government land sales resulting in lower successful bid for land prices
  • Sustained increase interest rates – unlikely but if it happens buyers will need to pay more for monthly mortgage
  • Fewer attractive new private condominium launch that cannot be missed – leading to oversupply of unsold properties
  • Smaller property developers reduce price point to reduce penalties from unsold completed units
  • Lower transaction volume from a reduction of qualified buyers or sellers
  • Rising tension and instability geopolitical situation in the south-east Asia region repelling investors to channel their funds elsewhere
  • When terror threats slip through Singapore’s multiple layers of firewalls
  • and many more.

Now, do you still think the property market can go south by another 10%?

If you think so, when would that happen? Share with me.