Living In The Sky (Terrace) @ Dawson

When high-rise residential buildings were first introduced, there were no lifts and most people still preferred to stay at the ground floor like they used to be. Back in the old days, the property price reduces as the level gets higher, but today it is the direct opposite.

Today, people are used to taking lifts and prefer an unblocked view of the horizon from their rooms, hence resulting units at the higher level being sold at a higher price than their neighbours on a lower level.

Just like many others, I was very lucky to get a flat that is high up, above 35th floors.

After staying in the sky, for more than a year now. I will dedicate this post to listing some pros and cons when living on a high floor.

This will be particularly useful if you are considering a high-rise property.


Beautiful panoramic view, of course.

Furthermore, with the Singapore Botanic Gardens and nature reserve right in front, the lush greenery brings tranquillity into the house. This is especially useful to kick start myself in the morning with positive energy from the greens.


Very frequent strong wind, that can turn the ceiling fan when it is turned off and wind-dry the laundry overnight. On many occasions, the whistling wind will turn in sudden gust strong enough to slam the windows shut one after another.

Early storm warning, is a plus point especially when we are preparing to head out.


Sell at a higher price, of course. I do not have to say more on this.


Long wait for the lift or the long ride with multiple stops is quite frustrating when you are in the rush to appointment or to use the toilet =x

Popping ears or the uncomfortable feeling in the ears when taking the lift due to sudden pressure change.

The air conditioning system has become a white elephant.


And the list goes on.


Nevertheless, I have fallen in love with this home of mine especially when all the pros outweighs the cons substantially, I’m not sure how am I going to adapt to a landed property in future. Let’s see.