Welcome to SG Property Engineer’s blog! This blog aims to provide value to anyone who has a part in the real estate arena – or wants to.

SG Property Engineer Caricature
Kenneth Tan

My name is Kenneth Tan and I graduated from National University of Singapore in 2013 with a Second Upper Class Honors in Industrial and Systems Engineering. With a strong interest in complex systems, I started off my career in a leading Multi-National Corporation in the oil and gas industry, as a team player in supply chain.

Like many typical young Singaporean, reading up on public housing purchase procedures is an inevitable part in the path to matrimony. This sparked off my interest in real estate and I went on to clear the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) examination, conducted by the Council of Estate Agencies, in one sitting. With some years of engineering experience in solving complex problems and the rising financial literacy of well-read consumers who demand more astute solutions, I ventured into real estate as I see my fit in assisting home owners and investors to better optimize their assets holistically.

While I have set up this blog with the aim of documenting my thoughts, research and models to bring values to interested readers,  my focus for this year is to explore the industry current concepts as a starting point to develop fresh techniques using engineering methodology.

Ultimately, I want to enable home owners and investors realize their current opportunities, break it down into smaller pieces and use various tools to analyse for possible solutions. Finally using a structured approach to piece up all solutions together to achieve the best outcome. In short, optimizing your real estate portfolio for personal growth, family happiness and a fulfilling early retirement.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation with me! Nevertheless, if you have any questions with regards to real estate topics in Singapore do drop me an email via contact page.

Alternatively, you can reach out to me on Facebook, TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.


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