5 Reasons Why I Will Buy Forest Woods Condominium


If not for the 5 years minimum occupation period, I would certainly put my name in the application for Forest Woods this weekend. As a few of my friends are already doing site recce for this project and got the bank’s IPA ready, I think it is only fair to let more people know about this plot of awesomeness.

Here are 5 reasons that will make me buy Forest Woods.


Whether you are buying to stay or to rent out, convenience will most likely be the key factor. Fortunately, in terms of convenience, Forest Wood is a pretty clear winner.

It is only 5 minutes walk to NEX megamall which has almost two of everything you can think of; 2 supermarkets, 2 food courts etc. And with Serangoon MRT and Bus interchange within NEX, it is also 5 minutes away. This is the key factor why I will buy this. I always have to join the queue to the car parks to NEX

This is the key factor why I will buy this, going to NEX will be just a short walk rather than joining the queue to the car parks like I always do.

Furthermore, being in Serangoon also means that you are just a short drive to the city centre, also with CTE / KPE / PIE nearby, accessibility will not be an issue.

forest wood convenience.JPG

Reputable developer

City Development Limited (CDL) is a homegrown developer that have earned the trust of many generations of Singaporeans. Through its leadership in sustainable and greener buildings, it has been recognised in various local and international awards. Not forgetting other recent good projects by CDL such as Gramercy Park, Up @ Robertson Quay and The Venue Residences and Shoppes.

Good premium developer means high-quality development in terms of construction, internal furnishing and appliances. Furthermore, riding on to the bandwagon of home automation, units in Forest Wood will be equipped with smart home appliances. How cool is that!

In short, you can be rest assured that they will do a good job and live up to their name.

forest wood appliances brands.JPG

One of its kind in Serangoon

There are no other equivalent condominiums in the radius of 2 kilometres.

It has been years since we last saw a project like this in Serangoon, you can imagine the pool of residents currently living in Serangoon waiting for this to come. It is going to be highly anticipated.

With such limited comparables supply in the vicinity, there is no doubt that the demand for this project will be high.

forest wood comparables.JPG

High rental yield

Being one of its kind and lack comparable supply makes it the unique when comes to the tenant market.

Even with 50% of the units being 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms, it may not be enough to fulfil the demand from potential tenants that like this area and the convenience Forest Woods can provide.

With a good tenant pool, rent rate will not be impacted by the current slow and tenant’s market. Hence, together with the current low interest, rental yield will be an appealing factor if you are planning to rent out your units.

Potential capital gains

With multiple government plans in place, such as the Serangoon sub-regional centre rejuvenation and makeover for Defu industrial estate and Seletar Aerospace Park, there is no doubt that this area will look very different in a few years time.

As we all know capital gain is highly driven by the development that changes how the area will look and feel, the potential capital gain is promising.


Certainly, there will be tradeoffs with all the good points you see above, with more convenience means more crowd and with a reputable developer comes with a premium price tag. It is all about seeing the intrinsic value of these good points that can provide a better living standard for you and your family in the long run.

This project is going to launch this weekend, contact me if you need help to understand  your readiness to buy into this great property!


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