My Six Attempts At HDB BTO Balloting And My Advice to Other Couples

my six attempts at hdb bto balloting

If you have tried to apply for HDB during the Build-to-Order (BTO) launches and failed many times, don’t worry. You are not alone.

We were together for 6 years when we first applied for a HDB and we were more than ready to progress with the uniquely Singapore way of marriage proposal – “Shall we apply for HDB flat?”

Most local young people spend most of their life staying with their parents, and the earliest possibility to getting their own home is when they are getting married, hence this is really a moment to look forward to.

However, this moment can be really frustrating when I have to repeat it for 6 times and spent 18 months before luck is on my side for a good enough queue number to select a unit.

Here is the list of BTO we have balloted before:

  1. 2012 March BTO Bukit Batok, Skyline
  2. 2012 July BTO Bukit Merah, Ridgeview
  3. 2012 Nov BTO Queenstown, Ghim Moh Edge
  4. 2013 Jan BTO Ang Mo Kio, Kebun Balu Court
  5. 2013 Mar BTO Bukit Batok, Sky Peak
  6. 2013 May SBF Queenstown, Sky Terrace

Tips for Singaporean couples

Think long term and start planning early.

If you are as lucky as me, you will need to 18 months to get a chance to ballot, 42 months for construction and 60 months of  MOP, a total of 10 years before you are eligible to buy another property or sell this HDB.


typical hdb bto timeline.jpg
Typical HDB BTO timeline

If you are getting married at 30 years old, the typical age where Singaporean couples get married, you will be close to 40 years old before you can start to unlock your first property and grow your real estate portfolio.

Hence, start early.

Another way out to start early – Resale first then BTO

For those who cannot wait 5 years for to get the keys to your new flat, here is a way you can consider.

Buy a HDB resale flat first before balloting for new BTO. Resale first then BTO (RFTB).

Resale First Then BTO (RFTB)

Using this RFTB method, you will be able to move into a house much earlier yet you can still apply for HDB BTO as a first timer later on.


resale first then BTO timeline.jpg
Resale First Then BTO (RFTB) timeline

However, there is a catch – you cannot use any housing subsidies. Only by doing so, you will still be considered as a first timer and receive all subsidies/ priorities when you are applying for a HDB BTO later on.


check if you are first timer.JPG
Source: HDB


Of course, there are many other ways to get your matrimonial home earlier, the above is one of it.

Drop me an email or a text if you want to find out or you have another way to help fellow Singaporeans get their home earlier.


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