4 Things Your Property Agent Really Wants From You

4 things your propert agent really wants from you

Why isn’t money or commission listed in one of these 4 items? Some of you must be wondering. The honest truth is money will come naturally if these 4 items are done correctly.

Exclusive Listing

By granting an exclusive listing to a good property agent, you will be assured that your interest is protected where you can expect to receive the best marketing exposure, highest possible offer price and timely follow up on the progress of selling your house.

More often than not, such personalized strategies are hardly possible when you are working on non-exclusive terms with a few agents; because they already pre-occupied on competing to other agents who are marketing your property rather than focusing on getting the best result for you.

Home Staging

How you declutter and beautify your home has a direct contribution to how fast and how much the offer will be.

Imagine yourself going to a show flat with beautifully designed furnishing versus one that is messy, unorganized with mismatched furnishing. Let’s say both have the same floor area and are priced the same, which one will you choose?

There will be a small cost involved to make over your home more appealing to potential buyers and this is certainly worthy. Think of a $5,000 cost to repaint, declutter, repair some flaws allows you to receive and offer by $25,000 more. That is a 400% return of investment!

Vacant viewing

The purpose of setting up your home into the ideal environment designed for targeted buyers is to allow them to envision themselves experiencing this lifestyle when he buys it.

Good agents are not selling house, they are selling a lifestyle.

What do you think this ideal lifestyle will become when the existing owner (referring to you) is around during the viewing disrupting the buyer’s experience. It is damaging and worse, you may lose a potential buyer.

So, if your agent requests you to go downstair to take a stroll or walk your dog, please be understanding that it is for your best interest.

Lasting Professional Relationship

Just like other professional roles (bankers,  lawyers or doctors), a long lasting relationship is what matters the most. In the eyes of agents, selling your house is just one-off matter but the relationship is a lifetime commitment.

A good professional knows that being able to bring value to his clients at different stages of his life is considered as the highest achievement in his career.

Hence, as you are growing your wealth through your real estate portfolio with the help of your agent, always remember to keep this professional relationship a long lasting one.




35 thoughts on “4 Things Your Property Agent Really Wants From You

  1. Haven’t got any property purchase experience yet. Guess need to prepare myself for future if come across to this. Thank you for sharing


  2. Owning a property or selling own property is not easy procedure. There are a lot of information and hassle. Thank you for provide us with more information.


  3. Thank you for this reminder. I have a property now and currently staying here but i planned to sell or rent this out when the LRT start to running here within another 4 to 5 years. this helps so much thanks


  4. It’s hard to find good agents these days as they are just looking to close a deal and get commission. When a problem arises they are the first to escape.


    1. Hi Arisa, sad to hear of your bad experience. I believe there are always black sheep in any profession. If you found one that is bad, end it early and find another one. Let me know if you need to find a good one, I do know some really good ones 🙂


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