What Is My Best Investment So Far? – Always My Decade Long Soulmate

A good woman can be a man's best invetsment
A good woman can be a man’s best investment

Today I am the most fortunate man on this planet as I am celebrating the 10 year mark of courtship with my soulmate. We have come a long way from school days, to travelling the world, walking down the aisle, buying our first property, first car, growing together in our values, goals and wealth. I believe I have sufficient experience to say a good woman can truly be a man’s best investment.

Today I will take this opportunity to say thanks to my soulmate and to all great women out there hustling along side with their man building up happiness, wealth and success. You are awesome!

Her meticulousness on family matters set my mind at ease to focus on my goals

  • I won’t have to worry about family matters when she is taking care of things behind the scene.
  • As we join forces and determination, the power is not just doubled but rather exponentially exploded. It is you and I against the world.

Her encouragement and motivation push me to reach for greater heights

  • No matter how bad a day I had, she can make me smile without any reason. A simple phrase like “you are doing it right, keep going” can help me go a very long way.
  • Her perspectives and constructive suggestions have never fail to surprise me on some aspects that I have overlooked. For those, familiar with financial investment, she is essentially minimizing your losses and let your winners take the home run.

Her compassion and empathy reminds me of being human

  • As we get busy with our career and business, we tend to neglect or forego time with loved ones in the family. She will always remember that it is due to spend some time with our parents no matter how busy we are.
  • She taught me sometimes it is not about maximum revenue but rather maximum customer happiness.

She is my kind of perfection.

To all man out there who are noting these traits down or wanting to send a checklist to your partner, let me put it clearly. It takes two hands to clap and you reap what you sow. Have an always pursuing mentality as if she hasn’t said ‘yes’ to be your girlfriend or wife. Love her wholeheartedly and put your woman’s interest always before yours. And one day, you will realize that she is the best investment you ever have in your life.

Join me and tell your woman how much you appreciate her today!

Share this with your bros as well!



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