Retiring Early As A Top Investment Goal?

Referring to this news article, although half of Singaporeans set early retirement as one of their top investment goals, the lower risk appetite coupled with more un-invested cash eventually cause them to be more willing to work longer than planned. Your early retirement goals will only be castles in the air until your have the motivation to put in the effort to make it happen. It will not be easy, I am assure you that.

Too much of a good things may be harmful to the mind, being in the comfort zone for years may have (already) developed a generation of higher literacy yet apathetic millennial compared to their peers in Asia.

millennial vs over 40 investors in singapore and asia.JPG
Source : The Straits Times


Risk disparity

After meeting many millennial clients of different nationality in Asia, I see a significant disparity of risk appetite between Singaporeans and other Asian counter-parts. This alarming difference is also showing up in this study in the Annual investment return expectations.

Make early retirement happen

I understand the inertia needed to get moving on achieving your goal because status quo looks not bad as well. I feel you. But you must find a way out. Whether to imagine your worst state if you do not progress, or to join a motivation courses to spark off your energy to strive for a better future, do it now.

Start by looking into your investment portfolio, be it shares, bonds, currencies, deposits or real estate.

Finally, as a fellow Singaporean myself, I highly encourage you to step out and take some calculated risk. Otherwise, it is pointless to have year on year improvement in financial literacy when at the end of the day these millennial do not achieve their early retirement goals.



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