Do you know how much is your property worth now?

The Singapore government has asserted that the cooling is here to stay during the release of Budget 2016 on 24th March, at least until the day they feel the time is right. As the price continues to slide increasing its attractiveness, home owners now have to keep calm and buy a home (newer or larger) when their personal timing is right based on the three stages of buying a home. More importantly, before the start of your property adventure, do you know the value of your property?

  • If you are considering selling your property, how do you keep an eye on its value against the market?
  • If you have just bought an investment property, how do you keep an eye on its capital appreciation? And how do you know if the monthly rental is priced correctly on renewal?

Gone were the good old days where you need tremendous effort to stay current on your property value or rely solely on your property agents to provide the information. Now you can do it yourself easily and hassle-free!

As Singapore is moving to be an intelligent nation with data easily accessible to the public, the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX), a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), is at the forefront of this movement in the real estate arena. You can now enjoy live updates on the value of your property and the neighbourhood at your fingertip anytime of the day. Furthermore, this service comes with monthly SMS updates to keep you well informed, in case you get too busy at work. With its simple yet informative dashboard, it is highly recommended by home owners and investors. Are you ready to join the movement?

Enjoy this free property tracker account on me!
Click here:


Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary reimbursement from SRX when you sign up. For a comprehensive professional advice, feel free to get in touch with me via contact.


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